What is CNC Wire Cut Machine & how does it work

What is CNC Wire Cut Machine / Wire Cut EDM Machine ?

CNC Wire Cut Machine refers to a CNC Wire Cut EDM machine that uses continuous moving fine metal wire as an electrode, on the workpiece pulse spark discharge to remove the metal, cutting and forming. Early CNC Wire Cut Machine used electric model-tracking to control the cutting path. Due to the low cutting speed, wire cut electric discharge machining is only used in the electronic industry processing at that time. 

With the continuous development of pulse power supply and digital control technology as well as the application of multiple wire electrical discharge machining technology, the cutting speed, and machining accuracy of the desktop EDM wire cutting machine for sale in Sanxing Machinery have been greatly improved. And Sanxing Machinery has various types of cnc wire cutting machine for sale. If you take interest, please feel free to contact us to learn more about cnc wire cutting machine price.

How does the CNC Wire Cut Machine work?

The workpiece is mounted on a CNC Wire Cutting machine workbench, which is usually driven by X – and Y-axis motors. The Wire Cut Machine control system outputs the corresponding information according to the pre-input working program so that the workbench moves accordingly, and the workpiece is close to the electrode wire. 

When the two close to the appropriate distance will produce spark discharge and corrosion of metal. After the metal is removed, the distance between the workpiece and the electrode wire is increased. According to the size of this distance and the pre-input program of the CNC Wire Cut Machine, the control system constantly sends out the feed signal, so that the CNC Wire Cut Machine process continues.

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