ZNC Sinker EDM Machine ZNC450

Machine Type: Die Sinking EDM / Spark EDM/ EDM Machine
Max. Working Current: 50A/60A
Model: EDM ZNC Series
Brand: Sanxing Machinery
Condition: Brand New
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
Payment: TT / LC

ZNC450 Die Sinking EDM / Sinker EDM Machine is used for cavity forming. It utilizes conductive material (copper, graphite, steel) as electrode to process workpiece (conductive material) by spark erosion. ZNC EDM Sinker has X and Y-axis manual control, and Z-axis automatic control. It can do one single job after manually set position, and job setting is also manual. Ideal for molds and spare parts manufacturing industries, ZNC die sinking EDM machine for sale by Sanxing Machinery is your best choice for die sinking operation!

Sanxing Machinery Sinker EDM Machine ZNC450 is featured in strong functions, convenient and reliable operation, of fairly good rigidity, running placidly, of good controllability, suitable to process conductive metal moulds, complicated metal parts and templates with high precision, high toughness and difficult processing. EDM process has become the important part in the field of mechanical manufacture. They are widely used in the fields of moulds, electronic instruments, precision mechanical process, automobile parts, military, etc.


A. Taiwan C-Tek Controller
B. Three axes DROs
C. High accuracy X, Y, Z three axes C3 grade Taiwan-made ball screw
D. Servo Motor for Z-Axis
E. Max. Working Current: 50A/60A
F. Surface Finishing:Ra 0.2~0.8um


Mechanical specifications Unit ZNC450
Table size(length x width) mm 700×400
Working slot (XxYxZ) mm 1200x620x450
Maximum oil level (from table) mm ≤300
Longitudinal travel mm 450
Lateral travel mm 350
Vertical travel Spindle mm 200
Auxiliary travel mm 200
Maximum distance from worktable to electrode head mm ≤520
Maximum electrode Weight KGS ≤80
Maximum workpiece Weight KGS ≤1000
Machine weight KGS 2000
Packing Size mm 1900x1500x2200

TECHNICAL DATA OF ALL ZNC TYPE Spec of Sinker EDM Machine / Die Sinking EDM Machine - Sanxing machinery

1. Model: From EDM350 To EDM700
2. Magnetic Worktable Optional
3. Orbital Head Optional
4. Different Working Current Optional


  • 15 days after order confirmation


  • One year

During warranty period, we can provide free parts and components that are not damaged due to improper operation (consumables are excluded). Out of warranty period, we will supply our best service to you as usual, if you have any question.

1. Offer technical support online service.
2. Technical files service & on-site training service provided.
3. Offer machine operation video.
4. Spare parts replacement and repair service provided.
5. All questions will be replied within 24 hours.


Q: Are you a manufacturer or trading company?
A: We are the professional manufacturer of cnc wire cut edm machine, which have been in the industry around 30 years.

Q: Can you provide training and maintenance?
A: Yes. In order to make your production more efficient, before the delivery, you can send someone to my company for free professional operation training.

Q: What information will you need to make the proposal?
A: Worktable size, worktable travel, surface finish, machining accuracy, and your special requirement.

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Main Technical Parameter of Machine

Mechanical specifications Unit ZNC450
Table size(length x width) mm 700×400
Working slot (XxYxZ) mm 1200x620x450
Maximum oil level (from table) mm ≤300
Longitudinal travel mm 450
Lateral travel mm 350
Vertical travel Spindle mm 200
Auxiliary travel mm 200
Maximum distance from worktable to electrode head mm ≤520
Maximum electrode Weight KGS ≤80
Maximum workpiece Weight KGS ≤1000
Machine weight KGS 2000
Packing Size mm 1900x1500x2200

Main Technical Parameter of Control Cabinet

No. Item Unit Parameter
1 Voltage V 380
2 Max. Machining Current A 50
3 Max. Machining Speed Mm3/min 580
4 Min. Electrode Consumption Ratio % 0.5-0.8
5 Best Surface Accuracy UM/RA 0.2-0.5
6 Size of Control Cabinet Mm 750*630*1800
7 Weight of Control Cabinet Kg 350
8 Power of Control Cabinet KVA 6.5

Main Performance Characteristics of Machine
(1) Fog system design;
(2) Double coordinate machining depth design (positive value to zero or negative value);
(3) Special circuit for deep hole machining;
(4) Large area electrode servo stabilization circuit;
(5) Electrode non pitted surface protection circuit;
(6) Separate circuit design of high and low clearance;
(7) PWM servo system, standard DC servo motor (AC servo selection);
(8) High voltage overlapping synchronous discharge system;
(9) Square wave and equal energy output;
(10) Moisture proof and rust proof PCB board design;
(11) Discharge parameters can be edited automatically, and rough, medium, fine and very fine machining conditions can be selected;
(12) The position of the three-axis optical ruler is displayed immediately.
(13) Fire stop detection;
(14) Shutdown protection for insufficient liquid level;
(15) Two stage servo control separately;
(16) Superfine machining circuit;

Main Performance Characteristics of Control Cabinet

1.It provides more than one group of file storage (mainly determined by the size of the internal hard disk), and can store multiple groups of processing coordinates and processing conditions according to different molds or customer codes. With multi group processing coordinate memory function.
2.Carbide can be processed with tungsten steel processing circuit.
3.It has 10 sections of automatic trimming function:
(1) Self editing: edit processing conditions according to personal experience;
(2) Autoz automatic editing: given the initial current of maximum depth and the selection of finished thickness and processing area, the processing conditions will be automatically edited.
(3) Intelligent condition editing: as long as the electrode shape, electrode and workpiece material, electrode cross-sectional area, processing thickness and depth setting are selected, the processing conditions will be automatically edited. The above three editing methods can complete the processing from coarse to medium to fine.
4.The coordinates of X, y and Z axes can be switched between metric, English and Chinese.
5.Automatic adjustment of discharge conditions when the discharge is unstable, the computer will modify the discharge efficiency and working time by itself. After the discharge is stable, the discharge conditions will be automatically restored. Processing conditions can be modified and adjusted at any time during processing.
6.Automatic anti carbon deposition detection function: in case of unstable carbon deposition processing, the computer will automatically adjust the processing parameters and increase the slag discharge height. When it is stable, it will automatically recover.
7.It can be set to discharge 2-10 times, pull up to the set arbitrary position, and then proceed to process, which has a good slag removal effect for deep hole processing.
8.It has the function of eliminating the secondary discharge and the function of rapid carbon deposition or rapid discharge beside the discharge.
9.With energy control function, the machining effect can be more uniform. The energy control can be turned off to make the graphite processing faster.
10.The newly designed power box and 15crt (display screen) meet the European CE safety specifications, which can prevent dust, water and interference, and improve the service life of the electronic board.
11.The industrial PC-Base controller and DOM new memory are adopted to replace the traditional hard disk, which is more suitable for industrial use.
12.It has the function of upward discharge (reverse machining), which makes the machining of special workpieces easier.
13.With two independent processing coordinate systems, the male and female molds can be processed in different coordinate systems.
14.After power off, restart the system to automatically load the last machining conditions and machining coordinates. You can directly press the wire control box to discharge without touching any key on the panel.
15.The two-stage speed slag discharge can improve the servo speed and improve the efficiency of large-area processing while ensuring that the electrode is not pulled and deformed.
16.Coordinates and processing data are stored separately, and the same processing conditions can be quickly added to different workpiece processing.
17.The two types of high-voltage circuits can be assembled according to the customer’s requirements.

Standard Seaworthy Packing : Wooden Case
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