Sanxing Machinery Servo Controlled CNC Wire Cut EDM Machine CT Model with our unique patents, is one of the most advanced Medium Speed CNC Wire Cut Machine ever made in the filed of CNC Wire EDM Machine in China.

Medium Speed CNC Wire Cut Machine Sanxing Machinery
CNC Wire Cut EDM WEDM CNC Wire Cutting Machine Sanxing Machinery

CNC Wire Cut EDM Machine / CNC Wire Cut Machine, which is a kind of spark erosion machine or electrical discharging machining machine, utilizes Mo wire and high frequency power, with the control of Autocut CNC control system, to create the break through & between Mo wire and the workpiece (normally conductive materials), to cut it with spark erosion of high temperature according to the programmed track by the Autocut software. 

As the leading professional Chinese manufacturer that makes CNC wire cuting EDM machines among other related products, we provide the CNC Wire Cut Electric Discharge Machining Machines with high efficiency, high precision, great rigidity, long time stability and accuracy keeping, powerful function, and easy operation. Pls be free to contact us to get our CNC wire cut machine tool price!

CNC Wire Cut EDM WEDM CNC Wire Cutting Machine Sanxing Machinery

Sinker EDM Machine or Die Sinking EDM Machine, also known as die-sinking EDM electrical discharge machine or CNC Spark Erosion Machine is a kind EDM spark erosion machine that utilizes high frequency power between the positive and negative anodes (electrode and workpiece), to break through the gap between electrode and workpiece, to create high temperature to melt and remove metal to get the profile cavity we need. Sanxing Machinery supplies many types of sinker EDM Machines – ZNC or CNC type for you to choose.Welcome to contact us if you need any kind of Die Sinking EDM Machine on sale!

CNC Wire Cut EDM WEDM CNC Wire Cutting Machine Sanxing Machinery

CNC Engraving Machine / CNC Engraving Milling Machine which can be considered as a small Milling Machine, is a multifunctional CNC Machine integrating engraving, milling, drilling and etc. With the fast rotation speed, low working noise and high control accuracy, it is widely used in various mold making filed, such as the plastic mold, stamping mold, die-casting mold, shoe mold and other Metal or Non-metal parts.

CNC Milling Machine / CNC Miller can manufacture the high quality parts to a higher level of detail and better surface finish. The core function of CNC Milling machine involves mechanically cutting away at a workpiece into the desired shape. It is engineered to mass-produce many components from various materials, but with minimum human input needed to complete the manufacturing or production.  Contact Us to get the factory direct price NOW!

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Sanxing Machinery (Jiangsu Sanxing Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd.) founded in 1993,  is a professional manufacturer integrating development, manufacture and sales for CNC Machinery.

Sanxing Machinery develops and manufactures the CNC Machinery with the professional designs and latest technologies.Our company has been awarded IS09001 international quality certificate CE certificated for Europe, and also honored with “enterprise of high-tech”. Our products have been titled “high-tech products” and “provincial famous trademark”, or have got the Machinery Industrial Science And Technology Award and the Small & Medium Enterprises Innovation Award of the Ministry of Science and Technology. Meanwhile, our products own 3 invention patents, 27 New practical patents, 3 designing patents and 7 patents already in application.

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