High Speed CNC Wire EDM Machine DK7740C1

Machine Type: Wire EDM Machine / WEDM/ Wire Cut EDM
Function: Mo Wire One-cutting / High Speed
Unique Features: Controller Separated, Semi Enclosed Cover
Brand: Sanxing Machinery
Model: DK77C1 Series
Condition: Brand New
CNC or not: CNC
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
Payment: TT / LC

High Speed CNC Wire EDM Machine DK7740C1 with controller separated & semi enclosed cover, is our most economical CNC Wire Cut edm machine. High Speed CNC Wire EDM Machine is also called High Speed EDM CNC Wire Cut Machine or Fast Speed CNC Wire EDM Machine. It lies in that it has no special requirement to the processed metal material properties. In principle, Sanxing Machinery high speed machine C1 model can process all the conductive materials such as super-hard and hard alloy, quenching materials, stainless steel ductile materials, various magnet steel fragile materials, uneasily-clamped thin wall spares etc.


A. Semi Enclosed Cover
B. Fixed Wire Drum (Patent: No.200710019393.0)
C. Autocut Software + Windows Operation System
D. Controller Separated Type
E. Linear Guideway Made By Taiwan, China or Equal
F. Industrial Use Computer or Brand Computer
G. Auto Wire Tension Tool
H. Special Abrasive Nozzle


Type Unit DK7740C1
Worktable Size mm 720×460
Table Travel mm 500×400
Max. Workpiece Thickness mm 200
Standard Workpiece Accuracy mm ≤0.015
Best Surface Roughness μm ≤2.5
Max. Cutting Speed mm2/min 200
Wire Running Speed m/s 5-11.5
Taper °/mm 6°/100(Bigger Tapers Optional)
Power Input V/Hz 3 phase 380V/50Hz or 220V/60Hz or 415V/50Hz
Overall Power KVA 2


Product Details of High Speed CNC Wire Cut EDM / CNC Wire Cut EDM - Sanxing Machinery


1. Model: from DK7732C1 To DK77120C2
2. Bigger Taper Optional
3. High Thickness Optional
4. Touch Screen Monitor Optional
5. Different Power input Optional
6. Aluminium Cutting Equipment Optional
7. Servo Motors Optional
8. D.R.O optional


Comparision of High Speed EDM CNC Wire Cut Machine / CNC Wire Cut EDM Machine - Sanxing Machinery


  • 15 days after order confirmation


  • One year

During the warranty period, we can provide free parts and components that are not damaged due to improper operation (consumables are excluded). If out of warranty period, we will supply our best service to you as usual, if you have any question.

1. Offer technical support online service.
2. Technical files service & on-site training service provided.
3. Offer machine operation video.
4. Spare parts replacement and repair service provided.
5. All questions will be replied within 24 hours.


Q: Are you a manufacturer or trading company?
A: We are the professional manufacturer of cnc wire cut edm machine, which have been in the industry around 30 years.

Q: Can you provide training and maintenance?
A: Yes. In order to make your production more efficient, before the delivery, you can send someone to my company for free professional operation training.

Q: What information will you need to make the proposal?
A: Worktable size, worktable travel, surface finish, machining accuracy, and your special requirement.

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Type Unit DK7740C1
Worktable Size mm 720×460
Table Travel mm 500×400
Max. Workpiece Thickness mm 200
Standard Workpiece Accuracy mm ≤0.015
Best Surface Roughness μm ≤2.5
Max. Cutting Speed mm2/min 200
Wire Running Speed m/s 5-11.5
Taper °/mm 6°/100(Bigger Tapers Optional)
Power Input V/Hz 3 phase 380V/50Hz or 220V/60Hz or 415V/50Hz
Overall Power KVA 2

Autocut for CNC Wire Cut Machine Sanxing Machinery      Autocut software for CNC Wire Cut Machine - Sanxing Machinery

As show in above figure, AutuCUT is a whole integrated solution for wire cut EDM machining. AutoCUT system is consisted by AutoCUT software, PCI based drive card, and high stabile main board of stepper motor drive, and 0.5 microseconds medium speed wire cut EDM high frequency main vibration board. AutoCUT software includes AutoCAD embedded module and cutting control software.

Main function of AutoCUT:
1. Support graph drive automatic programming, there is no need for customers to touch codes, only need to set cutting technology to the graph for cutting; at the same time, it support 3B or G code list created by other wire cut EDM software, and simply read and process to do cutting.
2. Software is embedded in AutoCAD, CAXA and some other software, customers just need to know AutoCAD or other design software, easy to use and no need for special training of drawing.
3. Several machining pattern combined together in cutting(continuous, single segment, forward, backward, trace back and so on.).
4. XYUV four axes direction change is adjustable, drive motor could be set as 5 phase 10 beats or 3 phase 5 beats and so on.
5. Real time monitoring upon X, Y, U.V and cutting situation.
6. Machining preview, real time display of cutting process; 3D display and tracking of taper machining, zoom in and zoom out to view graph, front view, right view, top view and etc..
7. Capability of multi-time cutting with customer maintained data base of cutting parameters, make multi-time cutting much more easy and reliable.
8. Taping cutting adopts 4 axes simultaneous technology, can process up and down different shape cutting convenient.
9. Control board to drive 4 axes movement, work stably and reliably.
10. Support several cards work together in parallel , several wire cut EDM machine could be controlled by only one computer and do cutting at the same time.
11. With automatic alarm function, it will alarm when cutting is done or malfunction happens, time of alarming is settable.
12. Support angle clear time-delay, time delay when cutting angle of track, to make avoid impact of deviation caused by molybdenum wire.
13. Support compensation of teeth gap of screw to increase mechanical accuracy.
14. Support linear scale and closed- type with servo motors to increasing positioning accuracy of machine.
15. Support three different cutting pattern: normal high speed wire cut EDM machining, medium speed wire cut EDM coding output pattern and output pattern.
16. Power off memory function, cutting data backup after recover of power supply, re-track when short circuit happens and malfunction handling.
17. Automatic power off after machining is done.

Main features of AutoCUT system
1. It adopts graph drive technology, reduce work of man and increase working efficiency, and minimize error caused by workers.
2. Open to various version of WindowsXP, software is easy to learn and use.
3. Directly embedded in AutoCAD, CAXA and may other CAD software, to realize CAC/CAM combined smoothly to prolong cutting range.
4. Taper cutting; 4 axes simultaneous technology; 3D design and cutting track; compensation to diameter of guide, diameter of electrode wire, and big tap cutting.
5. Multi-cards work simultaneously is supported. It is possible to control many wire cut EDM machines with only one set computer, which has many pieces AutoCUt PCI card.
6. It has data base of cutting parameters which is editable by operators, who can save, edit and read cutting parameters according to different material, different thickness and different needed cutting performance.
7. AutoCUT can optimize processing of super thick workpiece(up to 1000mm) cutting, to make track stable and reliable.


Clean and aesthetic appearance, Safety Operation.
Adopt new full closed cover, whose structure is much more simple and nice than the traditional separated machine.Meanwhile, the wire structure and the thread stand become one, which is better to make the wire route closed, so there’s no cutting fluid splashing on the machine body, as a result, the machine can keep clean for long time, easier to clean.

Creative invention, durable in use.
The bearing pedestal installing wire reel, base and machine body are rigidly connected, the wire drum doesn’t move right and left, only does front and back, the movement of thread stand right and left makes the wire stretch out and draw back, which makes the weight of the moving parts recuse to 1%of the traditional, lowers the vibration when machine works and the attrition between Transmission parts, as a result, highers the stability of the machine.

Section cutting, guaranteeing the accuracy.
The wire consumption mainly focuses on the large current and big pulse width of the rough process, the consumption in Semi-finishing process is 1/3 of the rough process, while, in precise process, it is below 0.001mm. During section cutting process, machine works for a long time, its wire surface in the precise process still can keep its roughness well and circle degree. Thus, this machine makes up the defect that the accuracy and surface roughness of the workpiece are lowered when the wire of the traditional medium speed machine works for a long time, our machine working effect can compare favourably with the cnc slow speed wire cutting EDM.

Easy operation.
The position of the operator and the wire drum changes from the vertical to the parallel, so, it’s much more convenient to thread wire and don’t need to move to the left of the machine to fix the wire.

Automatic tightening wire, improved effect.
The machine is installed with constant tension mechanism, so the wire tension stays the same during the whole process and don’t need to tighten wire manually as the traditional.

The cheapest and best, economical and practical.
The working cost of the cnc medium speed wire cutting EDM is only 1/6 of the slow speed cnc wire cutting EDM. Now our DK77C series wire cutting EDM adopts our“Cutting Method of the Reciprocating Wire Cutting EDM”, not only protects the advantages of”low price, low working cost”but has the advantages of high accuracy and good surface roughness.

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